Garmin inreach Mini

PrePay inReach Data Plan

TrackMe NZ offers a PrePay On Demand satellite plan that you can use the data for any services including Weather.

Stripped back to the essential services this plan offers great value for money when you need to connect with the outside world.

This is only applicable for GARMIN inReach Mini,  Explorer +, SE+, and DeLorme range of devices

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PrePay Data Plan

PrePay Annual Plan

  • If you use your inReach frequently, only in an Emergency, or a few times a month scattered throughout the year then PrePay On Demand is for you

  • Want the inReach or for just a couple of months a year then suspending and connecting to one of our byte based plans could be just what you want

  • See more conditions below and the Byte calculator.
BUY PrePay On Demand Annual

The 1st PrePay On Demand data plan for inReach devices

  • Get 10,000 bytes of data for use throughout the year for only $399.00
  • Your device is always active with Hibernation - (when you are not using it, it sleeps).
  • Simply use it anytime and we will calculate the data you have left.
  • Run out of data?  No problem, your device continues to be active  and we will contact you so you can top-up with Extra Data. - (see below for more info on data blocks)
  • Purchase only what you need, any excess data purchased can be carried over into the next year
  • Includes free initial connection (worth $69.00)

See device limitations and conditions at bottom of page

BUY PrePay On Demand Annual

How can I use my data?

  • Whats a byte? eight bits of data make up a byte, 1 tracking point uses 10 bytes of data. See the chart for more info.

  • When you use up your data, you simply buy extra data. See table below.

  • See the chart below for an example of data use
Byte Blocks 2021

Why TrackMe NZ?

  • All SOS activations connect direct to NZ Rescue Services.
  • Your own tracking page for Family & Friends to follow you.
  • 24/7 TrackMe Response Centre on call for assistance and monitoring.
  • Built by outdoor Kiwis, for the Kiwi Outdoors.
  • Think Local, Connect Local, for Global coverage.
  • Message to text, email, and inReach to inReach messaging included*.
  • TrackMe Pro app & Portal for secure viewing and connection


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TrackMe Pro Portal

Driven by the SALUS Safety engine, our Portal gives you realtime access to view and communicate with your device, and your family the peace of mind they need when you are away from home.

Download the TrackMe Pro App for even more access and support.


So there's got to be a catch, what can't I do with this plan -
Prepay data can only be used on the direct connection TrackMe NZ portal
  • PrePay Plans are for Private Recreational use only, not able to be connected to TrackMe Pro Business Services.
  • Only DeLorme inReach devices and GARMIN Mini, Se+, & Explorer+ devices.
  • Extra data blocks available, pricing may change, see more in this table.
  • Hibernated devices require no notification from user before being active, device plan sleeps until used.
  • No uploading of waypoints and routes with GARMIN Apps or website. Downloaded points are available from TrackMe Mapping sites and Premium Tracking suppliers.
  • inReach to inReach device within TrackMe Portal only, no connection to private GARMIN inreach devices. Customised addresses available for all users, unless already assigned.
  • Data plans not able to share with other devices.
  • All our devices connect to the New Zealand Rescue Co-Ordination Centre, RCCNZ, and our 24/7 TrackMe Response Centre for the fastest handling of your emergency. Overseas; our services will interact with rescue services in the country you are traveling in, we reccomend you invest in extensive travel insurance if you are doing adventure activities overseas. We will liaise with your insurance provider and international rescue services to help with your emergency.

All other services work better than other international services with faster delivery of email and text messages, dedicated app for direct messaging the inReach, a New Zealand developed portal for customised tracking pages and management of the inReach messages and emergency contacts.